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267-571- ZPET(9738) [email protected]

267-571- ZPET(9738) [email protected]

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people love us on yelp, read stellar reviews on for dog walks & cat care, pet sitting & boarding, and dog day care.
Z Dog Walkers: Phillys Pet Care on Google for great reviews on for dog walks & cat care, pet sitting & boarding, and dog day care.

Natalie, Jose & Chocolate Z will provide you with superior dog walks & cat care, pet sitting & boarding, and dog day care.

As a Veterinarian & dog owner, I'm delighted with Z Dog! Its obvious that they genuinely love animals ; and they're extremely dependable & trustworthy. My dog gets so excited when it's time for her walk. She also recently stayed with them for a week while we were on vacation & I didn't worry once. I've had other pet sitters that I wasn't thrilled about but Z Dog Walkers are the best!

Melissa & Lopey, lab

A tired dog is a happy dog. We love happy dogs, and keep them that way with for dog walks & cat care, pet sitting & boarding, and dog day care.

My pup attends doggy day care & boarding, and he always comes home tired, happy & healthy. I am so thankful that they care about each & every dog & learn their behavior. I owe Natalie & Jose my dogs life! I recommend their services to any pet owner who wants someone to love & care for their pet like it were their own.

Rebecca & Humboldt

Z Dog Walkers provides excellent dog walking, daycare, and pet'cations for my doggy.

Philly friends with doggies: I can't recommend with higher enthusiasm or frequently enough Toby's dog walker/pet sitter Z Dog Walkers. They are professional, wonderful to work with, caring and just a pure joy to have in our lives! If you need any sort of dog care, please reach out to them. They are the BEST in Philadelphia!

Devon & Toby

Doggy Day , exercise, socialization and play: at Z Dog Walkers, Philly's Pet Care LLC

I am so glad I found Z Dog Walkers!!

We relocated to Philly & these guys worked with Dillon on dog walks & dog day care to help him adjust to city life as well as separation anxiety :) I like that their main concern is the happiness & well being of my dog. Highly recommended! Ray & Dillon   

Dog daycare, boarding, and walking for your dogs.

Simon and Lily are so content when I get home from work! I can tell they had a great mid-day walk that got their energy out until my return. The notes are adorable, too. Thanks for being great :)

Pam, Simon & Lily

Natalie and z dogs enjoying doggy daycare and overnight care

Thank you very much.

You are wonderful dog walkers, very attentive .

Eric, Max & Lucy 

Z Dog Day Care, Dog Walks, Cat Care, Boarding / Kennel / Pet Sitting

Thanks so much for taking care of Professor. We enjoyed our vacation knowing she would be well cared for while we were away.

Donna & Prof. B 

Dogs Love our walks, pet sitting & boarding at Z Dog Walkers: Phillys Pet Care

Z Dog Pet Care is awesome!! They take such great care of my dog, are reliable, kind, trustworthy, and flexible. They work with your schedule as best they can and are very helpful. My dog loves Z Dog Natalie and Jose. I am extremely happy with their service. I have even seen improvement in my dog's behavior. I recommend them all the way!!!

Chelsea & Ellie

Cat and dog care, boarding, and walking fun.

Thank you so much!

I just got home a little bit ago. The cats seem in good spirits, and I really appreciate you taking care of them. You do a really good job.

Carissa, Margary & Absolam

The other day, I was walking in your area, and Julie dragged me to your entrance and then was really unhappy with me when I made her keep walking. It is so nice to actually see how much she loves you guys.

Thanks again for everything . I don't know what I'd do w/o you!

Tamara & Julie

Dog Walking, Dog Day Care, Boarding to keep your Philly Dog Happy

Natalie & Jose , We are so grateful for the love and excellent care you give to our dog Donut throughout the year; it really is the highlight of her week and an integral part of her good health.

You guys consistently do a stellar job. Thank you so much from our family.

Aisha & Donut

Z Dog Day Care, Dog Walks, Cat Care, Boarding / Kennel / Pet Sitting

Z Dog Walkers Pet Care is far and away the BEST dog care service in Philadelphia. They have gone out of their way to make sure my dog Toby is taken care of. Toby has a lot of anxiety issues & they worked with me to make sure he is safe, happy and healthy while I am at work. If you need a dog walker or doggy day care I 100% recommend Z Dog Walkers. We love you, Natalie, Jose & everyone at Z Dog Walkers!

Toby & Devon

Z Dog Walkers helps keep your doggies healthy and happy with walking, daycare, and boarding petcations.

Thank you for taking such great care of Layla !

Chris said she has not moved since she got home,
all worn out!

Happy to have found you guys.

Maggie, Chris, & Layla

Dog Walking for your happy, healthy Philly Doggy

Natalie & Jose have been reliable & great for our puppy Animal. We have had them feed & walk him on week days for 6 months. The prices are very reasonable; they leave notes daily; & they are very passionate about taking care of him. They also send us pictures of Animal playing + walking which is
my favorite.

Jackie, Chris & Animal

Z Dog Walkers provides superior doggy daycare, walks, and boarding care.

Just wanted to write a quick thank you. Layla was perfect, sleeping and so happy when I got home. Thanks for
the flexibility!

This is why we continue to recommend you guys, you are the best ! 

Layla, Chris & Maggie

happy dog daycare and walk friends

Z Dog has been wonderful for my dog, Sherman! I set up a weekly walking schedule. The prices are reasonable and on par for walkers in Center City; They are super reliable and very responsive. I appreciated the peace of mind as other dog walking companies in the area had previously let me down. I highly recommend Z Dog for your pet care !

Melissa & Sherman

Dog Boarding, Pet Sitting, Kennel for your Philly Pet Care needs.

Z Dog did a great job taking care of my little dog while I was away. They were very caring and responsible, and kept in touch with me so I always knew how everything was going back home. I felt much better knowing the pup was in
good hands.

Mike & Kern

Z Dog Walkers: Phillys Pet Care . Dog Walks and more.

I can not thank Jose & Natalie enough for their fabulous care for our pup Lucy. When Jose took off with her the first time, she never even looked back at us, she loved it! They sent pictures of Lucy having a good time with them. I strongly recommend Z Dog if you want your pet to have as good a time as you are in Philly! Diane & Lucy

Z Dog Walkers: Phillys Pet Care keeps pets and their people happy .

Natalie and Jose are incredible with our dog Finley. I joke sometimes that they love him more than we do. For the past year they have walked him and most recently dog daycare. I can honestly say I have never thought twice about his safety. They really care about him as if he were theirs & that you can't find that just anywhere. If you are thinking about choosing them to watch your pet, you don't need to look any further.

Christian & Finley

Day Care, Dog Boarding, Pet Sitting, Kennel for your Philly Pet Care needs.

Z Dog has been the go-to for our dog's daytime and boarding needs. They've taken great care of the pup, and the socializing with other dogs and dog lovers has been really good for him. Their services aren't cheap, but peace of mind is valuable, and dogs appreciate professional care and attention.

Andre, Jeb, & Banneker

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Dear Z Dog ,

I just want to pass along the biggest thank you for taking care of Lexi yesterday during an ugly bout of tummy trouble. It was great to receive a phone call in the afternoon to give us an update -- it allowed my husband and I to rearrange our schedules and get home in time to take her to the vet. Luckily, she seems back to her usual trouble-finding self today, so I hope no more issues for the future.

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It was really above and beyond and we are so thankful. We are so grateful to have a service that we know provides such high level care -- really what we would do ourselves (if not better). Thank you again for your continued help while we change and alter schedules (sometimes last minute). We recommend Z Dog to anyone who needs a dog walker, and yesterday just proved to be another example of why we are so lucky to have found you.

Thanks again.

All the best, Monique & Doug & Lexi 

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Z Dog Walkers is Marty's home away from home. Thank God for Doggie Daycare !! Natalie & Jose always take such wonderful care of him. Sometimes we don't think he wants to come with us!!! Marty is always so joyful to arrive at his "vacation home" - he walks right in and doesn't look back ( : They even support us beyond pet care for overnight care when we travel . 

He is kept free , not crated like in many day care environments, and goes on walks and park playtime throughout the day . In our previous daycare, our very happy go lucky dog was bitten by another dog , so I'm thankful that each dog is temperament tested here prior to being invited to join the "Z Dog " pack .

Z Dog Walking, Day care, boarding, cat care, and petsitting kennel .

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Z Dog takes care of each dog like their own family . We are so glad to have found them . The family environment for our fur child is the best, and they love Marty as much as we do !!

Colleen, John, & Marty "party" lab 

Z Dog Walking, Day care, boarding, cat care, and petsitting kennel .

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Thank you very much for your help with Rufus! 

He is always in good spirits on days when he is with you.

Sasha, & Rufus - Irish Setter puppy

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We moved to Phila. a year ago + interviewed several dog walkers/ boarding facilities before we decided to go with Natalie + Jose. Our English Bulldog is 8 years old + has a lot of anxiety when left for overnights outside of the house. We received regular phone calls from previous boarding facilities that she would not eat, had blood in her stool, amongst other ailments from anxiety. This was a huge factor for us when choosing both a dog walker + an overnight home for our dog. We use Natalie + Jose for weekly dog walks, weekly doggy daycare + at least a dozen overnight vacations (ranging from one night to 9 nights).

Dog Day Care, Boarding, Pet Sitting, Kennel for your Philly Pet Care needs.

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Z Dogs are patient, knowledgeable, and extremely accommodating when it comes to loving and walking our dog. We have had many dog walkers and companies and Natalie and Jose are the very best.

Doggy Daycare: It is always telling when your dog pulls you through the gates to get into doggy daycare. Our dog is extremely opinionated and does not do anything that she does not want to do. When Jose and Natalie pick Bella up for doggy daycare, or I drop her off at their home, Bella greets them with a wiggle and heads in for a day of fun. If this was not a welcoming environment, our dog would not do this. They are always watching out for her wellbeing and scheduling the day to her capabilities (she is not a big walker, cannot be in extreme hot/cold environments and likes to cuddle and sleep!) Jose and Natalie have created a place where she is extremely comfortable.

Overnights: For the first time in YEARS, our family can go on a vacation without hearing a phone call from the boarding facility that Bella has anxiety issues and needs to be seen by a veterinary facility. Our dog is extraordinarily comfortable, and happy, in Jose and Natalie's care and this means the world to us. We can vacation without worry and know that Bella is in great hands, having a phenomenal time until we return.

I recommend Z Dog fully! They have exceeded all of my expectations in the last year (and we are not that easy). I respect their recommendations when given about Bella and I look forward to Bella's time with them during the week. Thank you to them for their amazing care!

Meghan C + Bella Bulldog

Philly Doggie Day Care Dog Day Care Pet Sitting Boarding

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